Artist Spotlight: Nicky Fabbz

We are pleased and excited to announce the return of one of our favorites, Nicky Fabbz! Nicky hails from Jersey packed full of smiles, attitude and a whole lot of talent! We have watched him grow up in the Trop Rock world from a barely teenage kid to an adult singing and strumming his guitar the whole time.

Ripping it up with Tommie Jon who will also be joining us with Ryan Sheley and Friends at NEPHC 2019!

A 22-year-old New Jersey-born musician is being touted as the “youngest ever” trop rock, now turned contemporary pop artist.

He credits his unique and approachable fusion sound to being raised on a hybrid of musical influences that ranged from country to classic rock. “Playing on the radio in mom’s car (while growing up) was soft rock and ‘lite fm,’ while dad tuned into classic rock stations,” he remembers. Fabbz remembers first picking up his guitar — and not unlike many young aspiring rockers –trying to pluck out one of the most famous guitar riffs of all time: Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.” But his ongoing exposure to all genres of music, along with his performing in such eclectic groups as church choirs, school choruses and community musical theaters, helped him hone in on the sound he brings audiences today.

FabbZ has written and composed two of the five songs his debut album: “Our Own Adventure” and “You and I. “ His covers of “I’m Yours” (Jason M’Raz), “Banana Pancakes” (Jack Johnson) and “My Banana” (Chris Baer) round out the CD. So how did this Jersey boy get started in a genre which has it roots in Southern California and is usually associated with performers from the Gulf Coast? The story of FabbZ discovery reads like a musician’s fairy tale. While strumming his guitar poolside at Flip FlopZ Bar & Grill on Jersey Shore, he was approached by a man “in a bandana and in dire need of a shave!” he recalls. “He sits down next to me and asks me to play. . .and low and behold he starts giving me a back beat and is loving my sound!” That first fan turned out to be top trop rock artist Swim Skinny. Within short order, and Skinny’s support, FabbZ was playing with Skinny for and alongside with other trop rock artists such as Gary Phillips, Tom Johnson, John Friday and Dani Hoy. Swimmy soon brought FabbZ to meet Kevin Johnston of Orca-Sound who was equally impressed with the young singer/songwriter/guitarist’s talent and recorded Fabbz and produced “You and I.” The single is in heavy rotation on Beachfront Radio, Island Dreamz radio, as well as college radios. The young performer has even enjoyed air time on 95.5 WPLJ in New York City.

FabbZ has been busy touring the Trop Rock circuit with appearances in Spring Phling, New England Parrot Head convention, Tropicanaroo in Indiana, the Hangover Hang out South Jersey, Maggie Moores, Lincoln Park, Poor Henry’s, Boonton.

Today you can find Nicky as the lead singer of Country Fresh, a country band based in New Jersey as well as playing solo.